UR 1498


Jeudi 30 juin 2022 - 09:30

Lieu : 
Amphi Guizot
17, rue de la Sorbonne
75005 Paris
Organisé par : Sevilay Celenk

Authoritarian Populism and Media

Program of the colloquium

Thursday 30 June 2022 at Sorbonne Université
Amphithéâtre Guizot, 17 rue de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris

Organized by Sevilay Çelenk (professor in residence at Sorbonne Université, GRIPIC)

The idea of “Authoritarian Populism and Media” 

The first quarter of the 21st century has witnessed a dramatic rise of authoritarian populist leaders and politics in different countries including Western democracies. This colloquium aims to understand the importance of media use in the rise of mass support of authoritarian populist regimes, but also create an opportunity to reflect critically on “othering” practices and cultural elitism. More specially, it interrogates the struggle of authoritarian populist regimes and leaders for hegemony in the media and popular culture, which encompasses a wide range of fields and practices such as films, television series, music, as well as a large scope of everyday life practices.

The colloquium gathers conceptual, empirical and theoretical works that examine fictional and factual narratives of media, and analyze the contents that circulate on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Besides these issues, the transformation of media capital is also discussed. These issues are examined through the experiences of different countries. However, a certain focus will be on the studies on Turkey.

The program of the day

9:30                 Welcome to the attendees

9:45                 Word of welcome, by Pascal Froissart (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC)

10:00               Keynote Speech, by Ahmet İnsel (professor emeritus of economics at Galatasaray University and former professor at Paris 1 Sorbonne University): Controlling the media and the judiciary: the first steps of national-capitalist authoritarianism


10:30-12:30    Session 1: Controling Media Power and the Struggle for Cultural Hegemony

Moderator: Derya Keskin (Paris Nanterre University - Sophiapol)

10:30               Hakan Yüksel (University of Lille, Ceraps): Transformation of media capital in Turkey and strategies for dominating media power

10:50               Sevilay Çelenk (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC): Political uses of television series

11:10               Ayşe Çavdar (Bard College Berlin): “The state” in historical television series: ideal vs. reality

11:30               Thais Barbosa de Almeida (Université de Limoge, EHIC, et Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC), and Camila Cabral Salles (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC) : Bolsonaro and hegemonic media in Brazil : 2018 presidential campaign on online traditional media


12:30-14:00    Lunch


14:00-15:30    Session 2: Struggles for/against Hegemony on SocIal MedIa

Moderator: Maxime Cervulle (Université Paris 8, CEMTI)

14:00               Tuğçe Oklay (University Paris 8, TEAMeD): Parodying hegemony through memes in Turkey: 17-25 December Corruption examples

14:20               Virginie Julliard (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC): The Strategic Use of “Sex Difference” in the Digital Communication of French Nationalist and Far Right Organizations

14:40               Tuğba Taş (Ankara University, Sabbatical at Loughborough University-London): Authoritarian populism and agitation through social media


15:30-16:00    Break


16:00-17:30    Session 3: DIscourses, Images and Phantasms of Populism In Media

Moderator: Thierry Devars (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC)

16:00               Emmanuelle Fantin (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC), and Katharina Niemeyer (Uqam, Celat): The politics of reactionary nostalgia: decline, obsessive nationalism and the manipulation of memory

16:20               Juliette Charbonneaux, Sophie Corbillé et Pascal Froissart (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC): How «populism» made its way into media discourses. A French and British comparison - 1985/2022

16:40               Celil Kaya (Independent researcher, Daupine Université): Populism and the perception of “the West” in migration and diasporic cinema


17:30               Conclusion, by Sevilay Çelenk (Sorbonne Université CELSA, GRIPIC)


Contact : liliane.joigny@sorbonne-universite.fr